Being able to Love and Appreciate

I have been studying and working to embody the state of non-attachement and it is HARD because it is the OPPOSITE of everything we’ve been told, showed, and taught within this society.

The idea of being able to love and appreciate without a need for perceived ownership or attachment is stretching!

However, I love it!

It offers an opportunity for such peace, empathy, and understanding for the reality that the only permanence is impermanence!

By being non attached we allow the space for the people in our lives to grow, shift, and change as need be.

That goes for our children, mates, friends, etc..

And it also allows us to accept if that growth leads us to diverging paths and to be able to release from a place of gratitude for the time shared.

Attachment is the origin of needing things to feel complete.

The true nature of non attachment is feeling complete without needing things.

I am GRATEFUL for lots of things.

However I am working on getting to a place where I feel whole and complete within myself and all additions are an added blessing that I will cherish as long as it lasts…

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