The third is: SELF-ACCEPTS!

Self-acceptance is a deeper version of self-love.

Self-love is eating right, meditation, working out, getting that facial, journaling, managing your time better, alladat!

Self acceptance is knowing, understanding, and ACCEPTING that although avocados are a healthy fat, you hate them bishes and have finally accepted and will no longer force them upon yourself! But COCONUTS?

Those you can do! You’ve accepted that sitting criss cross apple sauce and meditating for 30 mins ain’t your jam, you’ve accepted it and now you do walking meditations!

You’ve accepted that working out sounds like something close to waterboarding to you so you’ve released that expectation and now you swing around poles for fun!

You’ve accepted the fact that you have hand in face disease and every time you go get a facial your esthetician is gonna cuss you out! You see where I’m going here right?!

And the BIGGEST thing about Self-acceptance is that you accept all of these truths about yourself without JUDEGEMENT!

You accept who you are, you make adjustments when necessary that still honors you, and you keep it pushing!

I like this stage!

                                                                                                                 Let’s GO! 🧡

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